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Alejandra Hamann
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Sydney, Australia

De Lorenzo Cosmetic & Hair Research, found organizational success through online learning technologies to train their team by reorganizing their learning strategies in order to share relevant and easily understandable content that is fun and accessible.

Vincent and Anton de Lorenzo, Australia’s two most influential hairdressers, established the company together in 1986. Their work philosophy tries to be at one with nature and in touch with the Australian local economy.

Megan Yabsley, Education Manager of De Lorenzo Cosmetic & Hair Research, shares her experience as an entrepreneur preparing and training the Lorenzo crew through the Moodle education initiative program.

A practical way to learn

As a manufacturer of hair cosmetics, the Educators of this company need to completely understand their product features. However, finding a way to ensure a consistent and accurate message is delivered nationally to each new De Lorenzo Educator can be difficult. “We have a crew that provides in-salon training to hairdressers, on how to use the products. That represented a lot of time and energy. We wanted to find a method to educate and inform our employees in a cost effective way, so we decided to use Moodle”, points out Yabsley.

Along with practicality, the platform allows the transfer of a consistent message for all products to everyone involved such as salon owners, trainers, and students. This consistent messages ensures uniform talking points, information, and general knowledge that will pay dividends later on.

Keeping it fun

The De Lorenzo company users across Australia and New Zealand want to learn with specific educational platform, characterized to be simple, fun, different and interesting.

Megan Yabsley explains, “The content is created by myself. I put together presentations and create quizzes then attach links to our company website for people that want to find more information and I like to use visual and interactive material.” Furthermore, the platform allows a “hands on” learner to access content that is visual, simple, and incentive-based. For example, a learner will watch a PowerPoint presentation with a voice over (from the instructor), take a brief quiz covering the basics, then attain a certificate saying they are now ‘qualified to use and recommend’ that particular product.

Good reception 

Having a flexible learning schedule is key for De Lorenzo learners. The online hairdressing community enjoys learning about the product line, watching interviews, and participating in forums, all arranged by their own schedule. As a matter of fact, using this academic schedule is rewarded; some of the salons have put in place an incentive and bonus scheme for their staff to complete the program.

All the strategies are responsible for three aspects: shaping customer opinions, developing consistent learning resources, and keeping LMS costs low while maintaining a fully functional platform.

Following this path, the goals for the future are to introduce more live interactions for the users and strengthen the fields of interaction and communication to take advantage of an exciting course without interfering with your activities.

* Megan Yabsley, Education Manager of De Lorenzo Hair Cosmetic Research.

* Photos by: AFP Wendell Teodoro.

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