First International Meeting of Moodle Solutions

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Valencia, Spain

The 1st Moodle Solutions Forum for Universities and Public Administrations (also known as #itmLE16) was held the last 26th and 27th of May in Valencia, Spain. The event was organized by Pentec – Samoo, with the support of Blackboard and Moodlerooms and the collaboration of companies such as Easyprof, Wiris Math, Sound & Systems and ReadSpeaker.

The #itmLE16 had three main objectives with this event: first, to inform participants of latest trends in innovation and educational technology; secondly, to make the most of the recent partner agreement between Moodlerooms and Moodle, to establish a ‘twinning’ between the Moodle Community and Moodlerooms; and lastly, to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and launch projects and work groups in a collaborative and social manner.

During the 1st Moodle Solutions Forum. Photo: AFP Jose Jordan.
During the 1st Moodle Solutions Forum. Photo: AFP Jose Jordan.

In the two days of the event, the effort made by #itemLE16 to bring the most important industry leaders to the attendees became evident. Within the array of 19 conference speakers, national and international, both from private and public sectors, the following stood out: Sam Weber (Blackboard Head of International Business Development) and Gavin Henrick (Moodle Community Projects Manager), in a joint session on Moodle and Moodlerooms; Marc Alier (Moodle Comnunity Developer from 2003 to 2012), with his conference on software, technology and educational innovation and the multiplier effect of new technologies on any human activity; Joan Queralt (Academic Director for Institut Obert de Catalunya), in a presentation focused towards explaining various success stories in the delivery of massive open online courses (MOOC’s) in Moodlerooms, and what are its advantages versus other solutions.

Around 75 people attended the event, from renowned entities belonging to the most important communities in Spain, like Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Universitat Politècnica de València, Council of Alicante, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Universidad de Salamanca, Universidad del País Vasco / EHU and Universidad de Cordoba, among others.

The organizers felt very pleased as #itmLE16 drew to a close. The attendees shared their opinion after a couple of conference days through small surveys. 90% of respondents affirmed that the success of Moodle is evident in their community; 85% considers that Moodle is advancing according to education needs and trends; 71% believes that gamification is a sound alternative to higher education; and 91% holds that Collaborate is a great tool of interest for entities that do not use it yet.

Moreover, the 1st Moodle Solutions Forum for Universities and Public Administrations not only provided attendees with solid content at the ‘Huerto de Santamaría’ a well-known restaurant situated in El Puig, Valencia, but it’s impact on social media and Internet was remarkable. “The best experience that I’ve had at any event #itmLE16”, said Antonio Núñez, more known as @anungon on Twitter, and on a more humorous note, Salvador Aznar (@saznar) tweeted: “An authentic luxury to learn and laugh while listening to @granludo at #itemLE16”, referring to Marc Alier’s conference when he presented a slide on the lethal John Rambo. To this we must add the 1,131 new users that watched the event over the web, 5,743 pages visited, with an average time of 3:50 minutes per visit. A curious fact is that almost 20% of connections belonged to mobile devices and the countries with the largest participation at #itemLE16 over the Internet and social media were Spain, United States, the United Kingdom and Colombia.

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