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Blackboard is dedicated to student success by helping students prepare for graduation and beyond. 

The education landscape has dramatically changed over the last few decades. That is especially true in the K-12 years. While schools continue to perform the same fundamental functions and goals remain similar across education systems, what used to be considered uncomplicated has now become a complex system with different moving parts that have to work together. 

There are now more school options available for parents to choose from, larger classes, multiple teaching models, and a deep technology adoption by schools and students alike, to name just a few. Moreover, schools are having to deal with a wide range of safety threats such as drug use, gang activity, weapons, bullying and cyberbullying. There is also increased media pressure, with marketing and public relations teams across education boards having to manage multiple communication channels. 



Fewer school choices Many school choices
Smaller classes Larger classes
One teaching model Multiple, diverse teaching models
Little to no technology Deep technology adoption in schools and classrooms
Close community support Competition for community support
Perception of greater safety Increased awareness of safety threats (drugs, gang activity, weapons, bullying, cyberbullying)
Sending notes home in backpacks Dozens of communication channels
Less media pressure Increased media pressure
Public relations teams nonexistent A specialized marketing and communications team

These changes are making educator jobs more challenging than ever before. Today, a successful student journey must be supported by a multitude of factors both inside and outside school walls, such as quality instruction, extracurricular activities, parental involvement, and school and home environments.

All of these points of support are often disconnected, making things even more difficult for both the student and the individuals involved in the process – parents, educators, and school leaders – who are working hard to support the student in his or her educational journey.

That’s where Blackboard comes in. After more than 20 years working to help more than 100 million students succeed, Blackboard is uniquely positioned to partner with schools and districts to connect points of support and build a system of excellence, centered around the student and their unique needs and experience.

We Get K-12 Education

  • Today, 1 in every 2 students is served by a Blackboard district.
  • Blackboard hosts 20 million K-12 users per day.
  • 70 of the largest 100 United States school districts count on Blackboard.
  • Over 50% of Future Ready Schools count on Blackboard.

Blackboard helps K-12 schools create a system of excellence in three unique ways:

Icon Engaging and connecting the communityEngaging and connecting the community. Parents expect open dialogue and free-flowing information about their child’s academic activities, on their terms. And schools need to deliver those messages efficiently — without endless copying and pasting into different systems. Our Community Engagement Solution handles it all with one powerful platform. It streamlines communications between administrators, teachers and parents, providing the personalized information parents expect with the efficiency that administrators need.

Icon Delivering teaching and learningDelivering teaching and learning. Students thrive when they are excited and engaged in the classroom, and teachers excel when students learn and progress. However, creating this environment isn’t easy when classrooms are crowded, student needs are everchanging, and teachers don’t feel like they get the tools or support they need to succeed. Our digital learning environment simplifies life for teachers and gives students an exciting and interactive way to learn. It gives teachers easy-to-use digital tools to engage students and monitor their progress. Most importantly, it allows students to learn without limits — giving them access to class from anywhere, at any time.

Icon Keeping schools and students safe and secureKeeping schools and students safe and secure. Creating a safe school environment for students is critical. It requires striking a delicate balance between maintaining security standards within a welcoming atmosphere. Our Safety & Security solutions empower your staff to develop incident response plans, act on them if needed, and deliver information quickly to the community — keeping students safe and supported at every stage, without making them feel afraid.

With tightly integrated products and services, Blackboard is a true partner that supports schools and districts in each of these crucial areas.

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