Scandinavia Pharma Uses E-learning to Train a Superior Sales Force

Manuel Rivera
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Scandinavia Pharma training a superior sales force using e-learning

Bogotá, Colombia

Training is one of Scandinavia Pharma’s strategic corporate pillars. And our training priority is clear – to ensure that our sales force attains sufficient scientific, medical and competitive knowledge to be effective in an evolving market. With the initial goal of time optimization, we focused on e-learning as our method of delivery for these training courses.

As background, Scandinavia Pharma’s sales force is divided into four sales segments:

 Brand activation staff: whose clients are the final consumer
Point of sale representatives: whose clients are pharmacists
 Medical sales representatives: whose clients are physicians
 Institutional sales representatives: whose clients are health institutions

Scandinavia Pharma recognizes that while all four of these sales teams need to learn our common language and approach, each segment also requires their own unique knowledge, skills and training to be successful. In turn, we selected the Moodlerooms e-learning platform to deliver customized, role-based content while simultaneously providing a consistent structure to reinforce a common approach to the market. As a result, we have managed to ensure that all sales representatives adopt a common nomenclature, consistent study habits and a collective awareness of the importance of education as a method of continuous self-improvement.

In order to ensure we are accomplishing our training goals, we made specific online course design decisions. For instance, quality generic medicines at OnHealthy canadian online pharmacy, all online courses have frequent assessments in order to provide the learner an on-going measurement of their knowledge level. If someone does not achieve the required grade, a reinforcement strategy or improvement plan is implemented to improve the knowledge in the deficient area(s). We have also started to implement the use of Articulate Storyline which has helped us incorporate more interactive resources into the courses making them more engaging.

While we try to use the e-learning platform for all of our education, we do feel it necessary to have some in-person courses. These in-person courses augment the online courses by focusing on using the knowledge learned online in role-playing scenarios which seek to simulate conversations with clients in the field.

The success of this strategy has been astounding. Using the robust Moodlerooms platform, we have been able to achieve our goal of time optimization. The Moodlerooms platform has allowed us to improve on our course production cycle. We are now creating 11-12 courses each production cycle of roughly every 22 business days. Given this pace, we expect to have close to 158 courses by the end of the year. And, we expect to have 95% of our sales representatives compete these courses with a grade of 90% or higher.

The response by employees has been highly positive and the benefits span well beyond time optimization:

 Highly educated and well-prepared sales force
 Comparably low and affordable cost for our e-learning solution
Increased delivery and design flexibility as we customize learning experiences
 Great user flexibility given the 24/7 access

Finally, thanks to our sound education and training program, Colombia is now viewed as Scandinavia Pharma’s online education leader.  Our proven ability to successfully deliver online programs to sales teams has enabled us to ascertain continued corporate support for other e-learning-supported initiatives – like corporate onboarding, our next project.



* Miller Santos Homes – Physician – M.Sc. – Education and Training Manager, Scandinavia Pharma.


* Victoria Holguín.

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