Moodlerooms 3.0, A Better Learning Experience for Everyone

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Moodlerooms announces a new version of the platform with enhancements that enrich teaching and learning experiences for teachers and students. With this new version there are 3 main topics to cover: Moodle 3.0 core improvements, Moodlerooms 3.0 improvements, and new Mahara 15.10 features. Watch the video

Enhancements at the core of Moodle:

Moodle undertakes improvements at the core of the platform each six months. These enhancements are available to any Moodle user with version 3.0, including all Moodlerooms users. In this new version, the most prominent enhancements are for Moodle Mobile, specifically with the Chat, Survey and Query features. These activities have been improved to increase their functionality on mobile devices.

Screenshot of Moodle: "Drag the correct flag to the correct region".Another important enhancement to Moodle 3.0 is the expansion of the Questionnaire activity with four new questions types. The new question types increase the possibilities of Questionnaires and support teachers’ work when assessing them. The four new types of questions are: Select missing words, Drag and drop text, Drag and drop over an image, and Drag and drop markers. All four are oriented towards evaluating students’ ability to associate and relate concepts.

Accessibility has played a defining role in the new version of the Moodle platform. Blocks’ structure has been improved so that screen readers can read them more easily. Likewise, Moodle 3.0 also contains an important improvement related to math, which is difficult for screen reader software to interpret. Thanks to new compatibility between Mathjax and JAWS, equations can be exported to Moodle and JAWS, a popular screen reader program, will process them for users. These improvements reinforce the objective of making Moodle an accessible platform for everyone, irrespective of physical disabilities.

Moodlerooms 3.0

In Moodlerooms 3.0,  X-Ray Learning Analytics, the powerful predictive analytics technology supports a new feature that allows instructors to see main course data quickly and easily. This new feature is presented in form of a data bar located at the top of the page and provides key data to instructors at-a-glance when entering a course.

With this, X-Ray Learning Analytics improves the presentation of its reports, making large-scale data analysis easier for teachers to interpret.

Screenshot of Moodlerooms: Steps for adding a new Collaborate.In addition, Blackboard Collaborate, the market-preferred videoconferencing tool (available as an activity within Moodlerooms), supports two new features: a link for guests that facilitates third-party access to a videoconferencing room, and the ability for students to download recordings, allowing them to have a record of every class/discussion they view on Blackboard Collaborate.

The user experience gets an upgrade as well. In the 3.0 version of Snap (developed by Moodlerooms), users will benefit from improved presentation of content, including the ability to see key data, such as deadlines and grades, on course home pages. Also, users can now mark a course as a favorite and rearrange the order courses are displayed in. Teachers will see course that are active first and inactive courses will be hidden unless they want to view them improving the ability to engage with the most important courses.

There are also improvements for the mobile version of Snap: every page in the “My courses” area has been collected under a button at the bottom of the screen, allowing the user to easily navigate between pages. At a tap of a finger, students can see deadlines, feedback, items pending grading, messages and new forum posts. This reduces the amount of scrolling and taps users must make to access the information that is most important to them.

Mahara 15.10

Image: Mahara and Blackboard Partnership.Blackboard is now a Business Partner of Mahara, and thanks to the Open Source division of Blackboard will be able to access the e-portfolio services (version 15.10 is known for Bootstrap-based themes) through Moodlerooms. Additionally, this new version offers significant enhancements to the administrator’s reports, increased workflow performance and ability to give direct feedback. Finally, it displays collections and work diaries in a more convenient way.

To find out more about the enhancements included in Moodlerooms 3.0, visit

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