eLearn Podcast: Interview with Ray Blakney

Stephen Ladek
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Stephen Ladek

Welcome to the eLearn Podcast. My name is Ladek and I’m your Host from Open LMS.

My guest for today is Ray Blakney, an edu-preneur and founder of Live Lingua, a one-on-one online language learning service. In 2015, Live Lingua was named among the Best 360 Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine.

In this very robust conversation Ray and I talk about:

Languages! Why they’re so important for all kinds of reasons including economic, cognitive and cultural; why they’re so hard to learn, but also the many ways technology has changed the language learning game — and will continue to do so.

Why passion continues to be a key predictor of teaching quality; and why ventures like Ray’s, stemming out of a soul searching life decision, could be increasingly common among teachers today

We also talk about the Great Resignation in education, which, paired up with online learning, could mean a lot more “EdTechpreneurs” in some parts of the world, and a lot more overseas teaching and tutors playing an increasingly larger role in the education of others

Finally, Ray talks about what he believes are the reasons why “Higher Ed sucks”, and consequently why radical new forms of teaching are showing up with significantly better measurable outcomes


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