eLearn Podcast: Interview with Mike Taylor

Stephen Ladek
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Stephen Ladek

Welcome to the eLearn Podcast. My name is Ladek and I’m your Host from Open LMS.

My guest for today is Mike Taylor, a learning consultant “on a mission to rid the world of ineffectual training.” Over the decades, Mike has had basically every possible job there is in Learning & Development and he regularly shares his expertise with a very large online following.

In this episode, Mike and I discuss a particular passion of his: The “No-Code” movement. A way for everyone, including non-tech-savvy educators, to leverage the power of modern technologies to increase productivity, save valuable time and enhance the learning experience

In this very enthusiastic conversation we talk about:

What “No Code” tools are, how to make the most of software without the need of (any) programming skills, and why Mike loves Zapier so much (PS. This is not a paid endorsement)

We also discuss a couple of examples of automated tools you setup once, then forget about; and the virtues of adopting an “automation mindset” with eLearning tools and apps

Of course, we also touch on some important disclaimers, such as small but notable startup investments, like the time it takes to initially set up tools; and the importance of spending a couple minutes here and there testing and iterating.

But finally and overall, why Mike is certain “No Code” tools are here to stay, even in the most conservative corners of academia; why you should join your nearest “100 days of no code” bootcamp, and why it pays to befriend the IT person at your workplace.

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