eLearn Podcast: Interview with Mark Lassoff

Stephen Ladek
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Stephen Ladek

Welcome to the eLearn Podcast. My name is Ladek and I’m your Host from Open LMS.

My guest for today is Mark Lassoff, founder of Framework Tech Media. After achieving tremendous success on platforms like Udemy with his quality video content, Mark shares with us his wisdom and expertise on his “video experience” learning platform, as well as in communities and the world’s most popular EdTech conferences.

In this visually focused conversation we talk about:

Mark’s experiences with creating compelling video. Newsflash: It’s not about equipment — it’s all about telling an engaging story.

“Mastering video,” which rather than knowing about lighting or sound (which do matter) has to do more with things like storytelling, character building and making sure you’re connecting with your audience

Raising your online teaching bar by raising your video game, by doing things like checking new trends and tools, playing around and experimenting, and maybe considering lowering your PowerPoint dependence.

Why, ultimately, to achieve a satisfying experience it’s best not to compare your work with other educational content, but to your learners’ idea of compelling and entertaining media.

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