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Success Stories

Julioprofe: The YouTube Channel Dedicated to Increasing Learners’ Math Proficiency

For many individuals, the word ‘mathematics’ is synonymous with fear and confusion—some just can’t find the formula to understand it. However, there’s a percentage of people who have allowed themselves to be captivated by the pure sciences. Julio Alberto Rios Gallego is among these math lovers: he discovered he could both easily understand mathematical concepts, and explain them to others as an eighth-grader. But, it wasn’t until 2009 that he began to grow an online community dedicated to mass education on the subject: a YouTube channel known as ‘Julioprofe’, with 835,000 subscribers.

E-Learn Team

Foster Learner Success with Digital Learning Tools

Digital learning tools have been on the rise in educational settings for the last 20 years, and today’s sophisticated content management systems are capable of enhancing student learning in ways that previous models simply didn’t have the tools to achieve. This is due in large part to the rise of machine learning tools that use student and instructor input to create a customized learning experience for each individual.

eThink and E-Learn Team