Colegio San Bartolomé La Merced and Its Successful Digital Transformation Thanks to Open LMS

Juan Pablo Chinchilla
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Colegio San Bartolomé La Merced, a school in Bogotá, Colombia, has chosen Open LMS’ digital tools to implement a virtual system that supports both students and teachers.

The school focuses on holistic education. It uses a methodology that blends recreation with reflection to build knowledge in an interactive and meaningful way.

To discover how Open LMS impacted Colegio San Bartolomé La Merced’s virtual campus experience, we spoke to Henry Álvarez Astudillo, the school’s ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Coordinator.

Instructor Success in eLearning

How instructor success in eLearning is measured can vary significantly from institution to institution. For some institutions, simply having instructors take the leap to using educational technologies could be the major metric. For others, the focus could instead be on whether instructors build cutting-edge online courses and programs that exceed student expectations. Either way, any transition process to online learning should aim to strengthen the relationship between institution and faculty and unite them towards a common goal. That goal should be the creation of a student-centric learning journey.

In this short video interview, Henry shares:

  • What made them choose a learning management system aligned with Open LMS
  • How the teachers received Open LMS support for content generation and course management
  • How students have adopted the virtual campus supported by Open LMS
  • How the students will continue using the virtual campus while returning to face-to-face classes
  • Their advice to other institutions interested in starting a virtual training process 

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