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Madero University Uses Virtual Learning Techniques to Train Students

Mexico’s Madero University (UMAD) has a motto: “Tenemos Madera”, which means “We Have What It Takes”. This call to arms motivates UMAD staff to reinvent, renew, and innovate the way it educates its students. It’s also helped the university develop an exemplary virtual education system, capable of training students with high academic skills as well as a love for this new educational modality:

Luz Andrea Gómez
Luz Andrea Gómez

Foster Learner Success with Digital Learning Tools

Digital learning tools have been on the rise in educational settings for the last 20 years, and today’s sophisticated content management systems are capable of enhancing student learning in ways that previous models simply didn’t have the tools to achieve. This is due in large part to the rise of machine learning tools that use student and instructor input to create a customized learning experience for each individual.


The Evolution and Future of Blended Learning Content in Corporate and Higher Education

In this article, LEO Learning’s Derek Phillips, Lead Learning Designer, and Patrick Billingsley, Principal Consultant, explore contemporary shifts observed in the types of content and media at play in blended learning. The pivot from partially or entirely face-to-face to entirely online during the pandemic has provided a more varied experience of learning for both facilitators and learners. So how blended does the future of learning look? Let’s find out!

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