University of Wollongong: Advantages to Be Connected

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Learning Tools – University of Wollongong: advantages to be connected

Sydney, Australia

Effective learning tools close geographical gaps and create better learning environments

The Digital Learning Thresholds (DLT) has developed at the University of Wollongong (UOW) to enhance the learning experience of students through the incorporation of minimum expectations and good practices in digital learning. The DLT strategy supports the principle that all students will have access to digital learning and both students and staff have clear expectations about the use of digital learning within the curriculum.

Students at UOW will be accustomed to a range of digital learning tools through learning activities in selected subjects designed to:

• Enhance student digital literacy.
• Encourage creative, innovative and safe use of technologies.
• Understand and develop their commitment to academic integrity.
• Support real-world, authentic learning through rich participatory networks and induction into discipline-specific technologies.
• Orientate them to the complex ethical dilemmas of the contemporary digital environment, enabling them to become responsible digital citizens.

Example Moodle features and tools that are used at the University of Wollongong to help achieve these strategies include:

♦ Moodle Workshop Tool (which creates a peer review environment for assignments)
♦ Moodle Quizzes (to help clarity foundation knowledge in a subject)
♦ Moodle Book tool (for ease of finding information within a Moodle site)
Moodle Progress tracker and Student analytics (to help students see how they are progressing within their course group)
♦ Turnitin features (for effective and timely assessment feedback)
♦ Moodle Rubrics (to create transparency of assessment requirements)

In addition, the UOW utilizes Moodle tools to set up course sites where students are based in multiple locations across Australia and sister universities in overseas countries.   This includes sites where national and international students are enrolled in the same course to submit the same assessment tasks and collaborate together within the site.


*Denise Spanswick, Education Designer of the University Of Wollongong
*Photos by: Wendell Teodoro

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