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We are delighted to present accessibility as our main theme for this edition. Accessibility is a fundamental feature of content development that makes education more inclusive for everyone, regardless of their conditions. We will also feature a special infographic with tips about what to do and what to avoid when it comes to creating accessible e-learning.

Accessibility: E-Learn Magazine issue No. 13We also introduce the launch of Moodlerooms 3.0, the platform’s latest version that offers better educational experience for everyone. In addition, we thank Drew Mirque from Simmons College in Boston, United States; Mari Jussila from the University of Helsinki (Finland), Valcenir do Vale Costa from the Centro Universitario Adventista de São Paulo – UNASP – (Brazil), KS Sze from the International College of Music (ICOM) in Malaysia and David Balfour and Bree Sigsworth from the Australian Film and Television Radio School (AFTRS), a school that has produced four Academy Award winners.

In this edition, we interviewed Rob Abel, CEO of IMS Global Learning Consortium, where we speak about the interoperability of educational platforms. We also want to thank Sharp‘s participation led by Raul Pastorfide, Assistant Manager for Marketing, Business Solutions Centre- Asia, Chiara Galli from American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), Kristin Harrison from Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute, Sean Moran from Independent Schools Foundation (ISF) in Hong Kong and Jim Fazzine from Baltimore County Public Schools. Thanks to Fréderic Dardel from Paris Descartes University for allowing us to interview him.

Before concluding, it is essential that we mention our internal heroes: Stuart Lamour, our “user experience expert” and creator of Snap, and Oleg Figlin, Vice-president of International Consulting at Blackboard, both of whom contributed and proved why we have the strongest technology solutions team for learning and teaching.

We would like to thank JoAnna Hunt, Nicolaas Matthijs, Marlene Zentz, Aaron Page, and Bevin Rainwater for their participation. They provided different and enriching perspectives on accessibility.

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