Video & Learner Engagement

As the world of education continues to reinvent itself, video has become a powerful—and popular—medium in learning environments. Video has the power to create exceptional learning experiences, drive learner engagement, and inspire audiences.

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Live Online Learning and the Future of Training: Insights From Arlo Training Management System CEO John Mitchell

E-Learn Team and John Mitchell

Companies have adapted in the last two years to take their in-person training to virtual training sessions. Some organizations have allocated large sums to their online learning programs, while others have tested more cost-effective applications and programs to translate their face-to-face training programs to online. With learner engagement being a key focus, sometimes companies lack the resources or know-how to translate their eLearning vision and deliver effective training.

Literacy for Kids: Instilling a Love of Reading in the Early Years Through eLearning

Liliana Camacho and Tanya Grambower

Encouraging a love of reading and writing in children can be a challenging task for teachers and parents alike. And while education institutions aim to create interesting and robust learning curriculums to encourage strong literacy rates among children, some kids still lag behind. Literacy for Kids, an online learning platform founded by a mother and former teacher, is proving to be the perfect supplemental eLearning space for kids to increase their literacy competencies from an early age.

Julioprofe: The YouTube Channel Dedicated to Increasing Learners’ Math Proficiency

Luz Andrea Gómez
Luz Andrea Gómez

For many individuals, the word ‘mathematics’ is synonymous with fear and confusion—some just can’t find the formula to understand it. However, there’s a percentage of people who have allowed themselves to be captivated by the pure sciences. Julio Alberto Rios Gallego is among these math lovers: he discovered he could both easily understand mathematical concepts, and explain them to others as an eighth-grader. But, it wasn’t until 2009 that he began to grow an online community dedicated to mass education on the subject: a YouTube channel known as ‘Julioprofe’, with 835,000 subscribers.

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