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Blackboard is a Big Family

Maria Paula Triviño
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Andy Braden is a Sales Engineer at Blackboard and has worked for Moodlerooms for about nine years. He’s a prime example of the biggest resource of this company: people.

Andy lives north of San Francisco, California. He spends about the 25% of his time traveling to meet clients and prospective clients or attending different industry events around the country, but he can also enjoy time with his family because he works from home. “I have a son and who is nine. He’s my favorite thing to work on. One of the best things about my job is that I work from home. I can wait for my son to get home from school because of my flexible schedule.

Moodlerooms then Blackboard

Andy has a Bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State University and has studied mathematics from the University of California, Davis at the graduate level. Through his professional career, Andy has worked as Support Engineer at GLOBEtrotter Software and Macrovision (4 years), as Professional Services Consultant at Macrovision (2 years), and first worked with Moodle while studying as Cartography at Humboldt State University Institute for Cartographic Design. Finally, in September 2007, he arrived at Moodlerooms as Director of Customer Relations and Support.

“I learned a lot in this position because it was a little difficult with high profile clients because they often didn’t take us seriously then,” Andy jokes.

Open source is amazing and now we can collaborate on a project that is bigger than us.

In March 2012, Blackboard purchased Moodlerooms and Andy’s work changed in a good way. “Now, I work as Sales Engineer. I was a little worried when Blackboard made the purchase, but it was really good because they give us all the things that we need: more resources and for me, the biggest change is that I have a great team to work with.”

Andy’s knowledge helps support the sales team, brings customized solutions to clients, and solves problems within the system by troubleshooting issues that are encountered in sandboxes and explains the functions of the system to technical audiences. “I can teach to people how Moodle can solve problems that they face and make it work better.”

“I think the biggest challenge of open source is to stay relevant. Open source is amazing and now we can collaborate on a project that is bigger than us. It’s a challenge to take all that input and different visions and focus it on something that can satisfy so many people.”

Andy believes that Blackboard’s success is that it’s a powerful platform that does many things that people work with and encounter everyday in online learning, although for him, the best part of being part of Blackboard is the people. “I think that the best part is that we’re a big family. Watching, helping, collaborating, and supporting each other.”

* Andy Braden, Sales Engineer at Blackboard

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